Issues when executing JNLP files for IPMI remote console

When trying to execute a JNLP file it fails with a security error or doesn't load at all

This can be due to two different things, first not having Java runtime machine installed, or having it installed but the security settings on it don't allow the execution of the remote console


First make sure JAVA is installed, if it isn't, must be downloaded and installed from here: then execute the file again.

If after doing this, the file is executed but shows a security warning, follow the next steps:

  • Take note of the IP of your IPMI access
  • Look for "Configure Java" app on Windows (or linux)
  • In here go to the "security" tab
  • In here click on "edit site list"
  • Click on "add"
  • Write: http://IPMI_IP (where IPMI_IP is the IP of your IPMI access, ie.
  • press enter, you will get a warning about HTTP, accept it
  • Press ok
  • After this execute the JNLP file and it should work correctly

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