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Asia Data Management gives you a range of user-friendly
tools to help you get your business/personal website/email
online, whether you want to setup a dynamic website, blog,
photo gallery, web application, or Online Store,our system
support almost all popular website building tools such as
Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, PHP,
MySQL, ASP etc., just register an account and upload your
content, it's all done.

We also partner with TemplateMonster
(, so you can pick any template
you love and we customize it for you!

Let's own your website, piece of cake, right?

Cloud Hosting
General Plan (PHP + MySQL)

        Designed for most companies

Webspace Mailspace Email Account Database Price(Monthly)
Red 10 GB 50GB 5 1 HKD 70.00 Order Now
Orange 20 GB 100GB 10 2 HKD 90.00 Order Now
Yellow 50 GB 200GB 20 5 HKD 140.00 Order Now
Green 100 GB 400GB 50 10 HKD 240.00 Order Now
Blue 500 GB 1000GB Unlimited Unlimited HKD 480.00 Order Now
Purple 1000 GB 2000GB Unlimited Unlimited HKD 690.00 Order Now

Support the best web application in the world!
WordPress is the easiest and simplest content management system (CMS) today. Targeting to non-technical users to build up their blog online, magazine or personal website with ease. With us,you can change the theme anytime you want.

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) coming with many plugins and modules to extend its functionalities and flexibilities, for helping user build and maintain website. You can easily install these plugins in our hosting environment.

Drupal is the choice of content management system (CMS) among global enterprise, business and NGO. It supports multi-user login environment and can quickly transform your content into digital means. With us you can publish your website across all devices.

Magento is the most widely used online store system in the world. It offers great flexibility, speed and yet with extremely user-friendly interface, thanks to its moduler architecture. With our hosting and support, your online store, no matter any size, up online with 99.95%

OpenCart is a simple 'out of the box' shopping cart solution. Just register our hosting account, select your template, add products/prices and payment gateway, that's it! We provide technical support of any issues you may encounter.

Ever wondering setting up your own online forum? phpbb is the one you definetly love. It's the most popular online forum system. 3 steps are all you need, register an account, upload the system, install it, done. Upon request, we can do it for you.


More technical features powering your website/email!

Cpanel is the most powerful hosting user interface available
today. And we have this system available to our customer,
especially for technical users. Nonetheless, whether you are
technical or non-technical, you will find it easy to use.
SSL certificate is provided free of charge if your accounts meet requirement. And you enjoy SSL data encryption between your computer and our servers. All data are well protected from malicious monitoring.

We understand it's troublesome for you to migrate content. Don't worry, just contact us, we will help you migrate your old messages/emails from your previous outloook or webmail to ours. It's free of charge.
Too busy or setting up a hosting account and email are just too hassle? OK, we do it for you, just send us an email with what you need, email accounts name, etc. It will be all done within 24 hours. And it's free too.

All our servers are protected 24x7 by our technicians and state-of-the-art firewall system. System keeps monitoring suspicious login activities and brute force attack, your content and email are well protected and our servers are with 99.95% uptime guarantee.
We can only be happy when you are happy, if, by any chance,you think our services are not what you need, we can refund within 7-day from the day of purchase. Still, we always hope we can work together to make something big.

Microsoft Plan ( + MS-SQL)

        Your website is written with ASP? Don't worry, we got you covered. Here is our hosting plan designed for Microsoft .Net Frmework and Microsoft SQL Server. If you need

        any other requirement, such as MySQL or other database engine, feel free to give us a call.

Webspace Mailspace Email Account Database Price(Monthly)
Gold 50 GB 100GB 10 1 HKD 128.00 Order Now
Silver 100 GB 400GB 30 5 HKD 230.00 Order Now
Bronze 1000 GB 2000GB Unlimited 10 HKD 470.00 Order Now

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