Jun 29th 19:00 to 19:30 Service Disruption

This issue started at 19:00 Hong Kong time, Within 10 minutes our datacenter attendent discovered what happened due to the amount of alarms our systems generated. We discovered one of our core switches went offline due to a faulty PDU, due to this part of our customers were affected. The issue was fixed 30 minutes after We apologize for ... Read More »

Feb 23rd Network Maintenace

There will be a major network maintenace during 0900-1200 (GMT +0800 china time zone)<br /><br />You may have minor network downtime<br /><br />sorry for the trouble<br /><br /><br />

May 3rd Network Disruption

We were facing a DDoS attacks today afternoon, our technical team has resolved this issue fast. However, some users may suffer minor network disruption. Sorry for all the inconveniences.

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